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Data Backup and Recovery

Protect your digital assets with a backup and recovery system managed by RosKos Solutions.

Why is Data Backup and Recovery essential?

Data backup and recovery measures are the most crucial step you can take to protect your sensitive and proprietary data. When an unexpected disaster strikes, the only way to mitigate the damage is by taking preventative measures taken before it occurs.

This is what makes Data Backup and Recovery solutions a crucial step in securing your assets. RosKos Solutions can establish a consistent and thorough backup schedule that creates copies of all digital assets and stores them on an isolated, secured drive. This preemptive step can allow you to recover your most important data in seconds.

Data Backup and Recovery solutions is the preventative step that will safeguard your data in the case of an emergency, stopping disasters before they start.

Keep your business running smoothly, no matter the circumstance!

Cybercriminals are constantly adapting and developing new methods of breaching your security perimeter. IT and cybersecurity companies try their best to stay ahead of new ransomware, trojan viruses, and other cyber attack methods, but there are times when criminals get the upper hand.

Cyber attacks are a “when,” not “if” scenario. If a cybercriminal breaches your network, your company will screech to a halt. Productivity, communications, manufacturing – everything stops when a data breach results in data loss or corruption. You know your time is valuable, and having a complete data backup will restore your functionality and free you from criminal extortions.

Benefits of Backup and Recovery IT Management

A Sense of Security

Knowing that your digital assets are backed up and quickly recovered in an emergency gives you peace of mind. No more restless nights worrying if your company would survive a cyberattack! You can rest assured that your data is safe, secured, and current.

Backups Are Always Up to Date

RosKos Solutions monitors your business continuously and updates changes you make to your network and data immediately. You can breathe easily, knowing your data backup is current and accessible in an emergency.

File Recovery In Seconds

When disaster strikes, you can access your backup files in seconds. Your productivity doesn’t have to stop because of a data breach, power loss, or fire. We will walk you through the file recovery process and help your company get up and running as quickly as possible.

Backup Validation

We aren’t just backing up files that aren’t viable for your company but the complete digital assets that make your business tick. RosKos Solutions periodically tests backup files to ensure they work and are easily accessed.

Isolated and Encrypted Backup Storage

An isolated and encrypted recovery appliance ensures that your backup files are safe from viruses, theft, and corruption.

Protect your data with reliable Data Backup and Recovery services

Back up and recover your data with our trusted solutions. Your valuable information is protected with advanced technology and a knowledgeable team. Move forward with confidence knowing your data is safe and easily accessible. 

Frequently AskedQuestions

Cybersecurity protects your digital assets (files, network access, proprietary and sensitive information) from cyber criminals. Cyber attacks use weaponized programs like ransomware, trojan horse viruses, and malware to penetrate your security perimeter and access this data. The criminals then sell the mined data, withhold it for a pricey ransome, or use it to access more valuable assets.

There are multiple methods of backup retention, and which method depends on the level of protection needed. Some methods of backup solutions include Fully Managed BDR Solutions, where all your data is copied, stored, tested, and monitored continuously. Another type is Ransomware protection which protects your backups with top-of-the-line encryption. One of the most common backup types is Compliance and Data Retention, which is most often used for retaining sensitive information where compliance and security are legally required.

Yes! There are multiple ways to test your backup and recovery plan. Here are several common ways to test your recovery plan:

  • Paper test- your backup and recovery team will assess your mitigation protocol and make adjustments if needed.
  • Walk-through test- a group of backup and recovery experts walk through each step in a disaster situation and look for any step that needs to be updated.
  • Simulation- A simulation is an immersive test that simulates a disaster situation and involves every point of the recovery plan being enacted. This is one of the most thorough ways to test your plan.

Unfortunately, no. Cybercriminals are working hard to make new attack methods that get around cybersecurity measures. If you aren’t taking preventative measures to back up your data, a devastating data breach is always a risk.

Data backup and recovery solutions help protect your business against almost all cyber attack methods. It is especially effective in negating ransomware attacks because the lost files are easily replaced.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Object (RTO) define different assessment metrics in recovery plans. RPO refers to the amount of data loss during a disaster before the recovery plan is considered a failure. RTO measures the amount of time it takes to get a company back up and running after a data breach or other disaster.

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