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Your digital assets are an integral part of your business. Let us help protect your data with preventative monitoring and rapid response time to potential threats – all at a price you can afford.

24/7 Management

We provide around-the-clock monitoring and management so we can keep your network safe from potential threats at any time, anywhere. Our cybersecurity team filters out false alarms, so they don’t compromise your productivity.

Assessment and Strategy

Comprehensive cybersecurity starts with assessing your network and digital assets. We will define your attack surface, which includes identifying potential weak spots, data storage safety, and any other aspects of your business that puts you at risk.

Layered Security

Multi-layered cybersecurity offers you more protection against all types of cyber attacks. We help you create a secure network through industry best practices and use the newest cybersecurity technology to protect your wifi, software, devices, passwords, and more.

Make YourDigital Assets Safe and Secure

Despite cyber-attacks increasing yearly, you can rest assured that your network and data are protected. That’s what we really have to offer – your peace of mind.

Why Choose RosKos Solutions?


We monitor your assets 24/7 and respond to threats quickly, enacting solutions and mitigation plans before data breaches occur.


We are here for you when you need us and offer you the best protection available.


Our technicians constantly learn and improve our protocols, so you have the latest cybersecurity technology at your fingertips.

Frequently AskedQuestions

Cybersecurity protects your digital assets (files, network access, proprietary and sensitive information) from cyber criminals. Cyber attacks use weaponized programs like ransomware, trojan horse viruses, and malware to penetrate your security perimeter and access this data. The criminals then sell the mined data, withhold it for a pricey ransome, or use it to access more valuable assets.

Data breaches cost business millions each year, culminating in thousands of failed companies that struggled to recover from their fractured infrastructure. Even when a business recovers from data theft, many customers and vendors won’t trust their network and the business’s reputation is permanently damaged. In light of the cost to recover from a data breach, it makes sense to invest in a multilayered and proactive cybersecurity management team.

The level of damage a business sustains during a breach depends on the level of breach and amount of data mined. The worst breaches can result in the failure of the business but even a small event can negatively affect the reputation and value of the company.

When your company’s digital assets are secure, you can rest easily knowing that your sensitive and proprietary data is safe from a breach. Your company’s productivity isn’t affected by a damaging data breach. Furthermore, customers and vendors are more likely to trust your company with their business when they know your network is secure.

We often see the same areas at risk time and time again. Some common vulnerable areas are weak login/passwords, lack of employee education, phishing emails, ransomware, security misconfiguration and invalidated network access.

Some common cyber attack methods are ransomware, trojan viruses, malware and phishing. Each attack utilizes different weaknesses in a company’s security perimeter and needs to be safeguarded against in a different way.

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